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Some (or all) revisions of HTC Desire HD boards have JTAG interface disabled (that is enable MARM JTAG Fuse is blown in the MSM8255 chip). In this case the JTAG may be enabled only by firmware itself. This is done by the FSBL loader, so writing to FSBL area is artificially disabled in the DCC Loader code. DCC Loader will discard all flashing attempts into FSBL zone and will respond with success code as if flashing succeeded. In this way FSBL zone is protected while user still can flash full image files seamlessly.
Resurrector will reflash radio’s boot zone (except FSBL area) and will re-write PDA’s SPL to 0.85.0007 version. Additionally to SPL and Radio zones, the zone which contains Model ID is re-flashed too. Thus after resurrection phone will have Model ID = ‘PD9810000′.
There is option to reflash BOOT and RECOVERY zones. If selected, then ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.2.8 will be flashed.

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